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Jenny Kendler and Molly Schafer started The Endangered Species Print Project in 2009. The project encompasses artist's prints of endangered flora and fauna. Prints are intended to both raise awareness and funds for the species depicted. The number of prints reflects the number of species left in the wild and with each work sold donations are sent to organizations involved in keeping those species protected. Having grown up in California I wanted to create a print for one of my favorite creatures - the California Tiger Salamander. To find out more about this print and project please visit this space: Endangered Species Print Project

The proceeds from the sale of this print will go to Wildlands Conservation Science. Thank you Katrina Cassel Olthof for helping me research the salamander and locate this organization. Wildlands Conservation Science does vital field work protecting habitat loss-which is the biggest threat to the salamander. I would also like to thank Morgan Ball, one of their Wildlife Biologists, who confirmed information regarding this salamander’s plight. You can find out more about Wildlands Conservation Science here: Wildlands Conservation Science

California Tiger Salamander
Endangered Species Print Project
ink on paper
12" x 10"