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Pollinate/Pollute is a series of ink and brush drawings depicting imagery related to agriculture. Corn, soy, wasps and other flora and fauna are rendered in isolated and bizarre images, reflecting the strange relationships we have with our food sources. The images were scanned and printed onto paper made from soy and corn plant fibers. I harvested the plants in the Fall of 2013. They were then made into paper at Fresh Press Paper studio in Champaign IL in the Spring of 2014. Half of each book is made with soy fibers and the other half with corn fibers. The pages’ source material alternates to reflect crop rotation, a practice used to improve soil structure and fertility, in the farming lands of Illinois. There is an ongoing experiment called "The Morrow Plots" taking place on the campus of the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana. One of the lessons learned from this experiment shows that certain kinds of crop rotation resulted in higher yields from the plants used: corn, soy, oats, meadow, and alfafa. More information here: Morrow Plots

We are highly dependent on these plants for food and other products but there is also controversy surrounding current agricultural methods. Pollinate/Pollute was conceived as a meditation on contemporary and historical agricultural practices.
Edition of 12
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Pollinate / Pollute
corn and soy paper, digital print
8" x 9"